Weekend Read iPhone script reader app Quote-UnquoteHave you ever tried to read a screenplay on your iPhone? It's awful. You struggle with pinch and zoom in a vain attempt to read the stupid thing. The iPhone just isn't meant to read screenplays. Or is it? Thanks to Weekend Read, a new iPhone app from Quote-Unquote Apps, screenplays now actually look good on your iPhone. In fact, the next time you're stuck in line or riding the subway to work, you may actually want to read a screenplay on your iPhone with Weekend Read. And it's free.

Weekend Read is a new free iPhone app from the fine folks of Quote-Unquote Apps (John August, Nima Yousefi, and Ryan Nelson). Like most apps from Quote-Unquote, Weekend Read was born out of August's frustration at something that didn't work the way it should. He needed to read a screenplay on his iPhone and the process was simply painful. You may never have considered using your iPhone as a script reader, but once you download Weekend Read for free and take advantage of its script library features, it just may become your new favorite reading app.

Weekend Read opens screenplay PDFs on the iPhone and lets you change the font and text size so you can actually read a screenplay comfortably on your iPhone. The app can also open and read Final Draft (.fdx) files, Fountain, markdown, and plain text files.

Weekend Reader full screenshot

Weekend Read comes with a full set of features, allowing the user to manipulate a file to fit his or her reading needs. You can choose from four font options (Avenir Next, Helvetica Neue, Courier Prime, or Iowan Old Style) and adjust the size of the text. Dark mode flips the background to black and the text to white, making it easy on your eyes to read at night. Character highlighting lets you see all of a character's dialogue quickly throughout a script. The page jumper feature allows you to quickly scroll through a screenplay without constantly swiping up and down your iPhone's screen.

You can import documents from Dropbox, URLs that you have copied to your clipboard, email, or any app with an "Open in" function. But Quote-Unquote Apps didn't stop there. Weekend Read comes with a "For Your Consideration" section, allowing users to import screenplays from the 2013 Awards Season, Project Gutenberg, and the John August Library. Got some time to kill and want to read the screenplay for Gravity? Just add it to your Library straight from Weekend Read and enjoy.

Weekend Read lets you store up to four screenplays in its Library using the free app. If you would like to store more than four screenplays in the Library, you can upgrade for $9.99 via the free app and store hundreds of screenplays in the Weekend Read Library.


Weekend Read is available now for free from the App Store. Got an iPhone? Download it now and share your thoughts about Weekend Read with us in the Comments.

Link: Weekend Read from Quote-Unquote Apps

[via Scriptnotes]