Shooting in the freezing cold is never an easy task, especially when your gear wants to stop working at all the wrong moments. The team over at Wild Combination braved the elements -- including New York City streets -- armed with a MōVI and RED EPIC, to shoot the new music video for the Pillar Points song "Dreamin'." Check out the video below, and read about their experience making the project.

Here is some rehearsal footage they shot:

Check out some pictures of their rig, one of which was put together specifically to get the feeling of a jib or crane:



And a little bit about the video and the challenges they faced:

I'd chosen Dai's coat to stand out amongst the black uniform of metro New York. Just about everyone emerging from Penn Station came dressed as I'd dreamed, in all monochrome, and Dai's coat stands out better than we could've possibly hoped.

The following day, we went upstate to film in a forest I'd scouted in previous months, and chosen for its trees, streams, and frozen waterfall. When we arrived, we were met with an unforeseen problem: way, way too much snow. It was 2 degrees. Rivers were frozen and covered in several feet of powder. Dancing -- much less running around with a camera rig the price of a Porsche -- suddenly seemed an absurd proposition. I cooked dinner for the crew and we talked about how we'd handle the morning.

We got up at dawn, calibrated our equipment, and set off for a day of improvisation in parts of the forest that might be accessible. We knew we'd be jumping out of the car, hiking into the woods, and filming for as long as possible until Dai, or the camera, froze beyond cooperation. Coming up with ideas on the fly is nerve-racking -- especially when several people are on board -- because there's a lot on the line. But if you have a good, small team all in sync, it's the most exciting way to work. Joe, Søren, Bekka, Dai, and Sam were all on board without hesitation, which made it possible to make quick decisions and try new moves in un-scouted locations, and know that we'd make it work.

To read more about the experience the team had making the video, check out the two behind the scenes blog posts below.


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