Video thumbnail for youtube video Submitting to Tiff - No Film SchoolIf you've never submitted to a film festival before, the idea can be a little daunting at first (though we've been covering them recently in the Menthol Micro-budget Case Study and Cannes Short Film Corner series of posts). Thankfully, the process has been getting much simpler, especially if you're submitting short films. Even so, having step-by-step instructions ensures that no mistakes are made, and the Toronto International Film Festival, whose submissions are now open for the September festival, has put together a video detailing exactly what needs to be done to submit to the fest.

While this particular video is straight from the people at TIFF, many film festivals have identical submission procedures, so there is a very good chance any other festivals you submit to will want you to prepare your movies in a similar way.

If you'd actually like to submit to TIFF, check out the links below.