DJI_RoninThe company known for developing and manufacturing one of the most popular unmanned aerial systems, the Phantom, DJI has decided to make their way into the handheld gimbal market. They've revealed a brand new handheld 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, Ronin. Its versatile, relatively inexpensive, tool-less design lets users shoot from several different positions, allowing them to achieve different kinds of shots quickly and easily.


Here are the key features listed on DJI's website:

  • 3-axis stabilized gimbal system
  • Supports a multitude of cameras and lenses (from micro four-thirds to RED EPIC sized)
  • Simple 5-minute setup and balance
  • Built-in tool-less balance adjustment system
  • Built-in receive and remote control available
  • Mobile Bluetooth assistant software
  • Based on DJI Zenmuse technology
  • Gimbal tuning stand
  • Firmware upgradable

The Ronin has a few very intriguing features. For one, the gimbal can be configured automatically by pressing its Auto Tune Stability (ATS) button, parameters will be intelligently adjusted based on your camera's weight. Another great feature is its tool-less design, meant to make adjustments, setup, and tear-down faster and easier. However, the most impressive feature about the Ronin, to me, is its versatility. There are 3 different operational modes: standard, which is the typical two-handed position in which most gimbals are operated, upright, which allows the Ronin to be flipped over and operated closer to eye-level (instead of at the chest), and suspended, which is slung low to the ground for low-angle shots.

Here's a couple of videos that show the Ronin in action, the first of which demonstrates the different operational modes:

According to Filmmaker Magazine, the Ronin has a 16 lb weight limit and will be under $5,000. To put that into perspective, compare the Ronin with its closest competitor, MōVI. The MōVI M10 (currently MōVI's biggest guns) can carry up to 12 lbs, and the lower-end M5 costs $5,000. So, the Ronin can carry more weight than the M10, but it costs less than the M5. However, we won't know much about how well this gimbal stabilizes images until we see some tests, so stay tuned, as I'm sure videos will start popping up over the next couple of days.

The Ronin will begin shipping by July.

Link: DJI Ronin is coming soon -- DJI

[via Filmmaker Magazine]

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