Every once in a while a new camera is announced that simply blows away everything else on the market, whether that's in terms of specs, price, or a combination of both. We live in a time of extremely fast-paced development, so these announcements have come much faster than they might have even 5 years ago. It seems like every other day something new is coming to the market, and today is another one of those days. Check out the first introduction video for the WALLEY POS-86, the "most advanced camera ever built," below.

Thanks to Michael and Amjad for sending this over:

If you'd like to ruin the surprise and read the description of the video, here it is:

A short promo video that parodies the endless production and marketing of prosumer video cameras. Filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley have created a camera that is both a reverse trend in consumer electronics and “the most advanced camera ever built.”

“WALLEY POS-86 Promo Video” was produced as part of the art exhibition “Creation to Consumption” curated by Hills Snyder for the artist-run exhibition space, Sala Diaz. Special thanks to Mark Menjivar, Sara Frantz, and John Totman. Music by Mark Walley.

The most advanced part of the camera is certainly the floppy disk recording media (which was apparently stolen at the exhibition). With all of the gear we've been introducing lately (with still more to come), it seemed like a nice time to reflect on how products are marketed and sold to us. Part of the reason I wanted to share it is how nicely it was shot. Mark and Angela used a Canon C100 with Nikon 50mm and Sigma 24mm lenses, and graded it with the VisionColor M31 Cinema LUT. For the talking head part of the video, they used a 5 foot umbrella with a Linco Flora Light, and a second Flora Light on the ground up towards the backdrop.

They don't just make parody videos (obviously). Here are just a few of the many videos they've created:

Check out more of their work over on their Vimeo page and their website.