Sony Sheep Action Cam Tour de FranceYes, sheep. What feels like an April Fools' joke actually happened. Last year there was the Galluscam, which was a humorous advertisement from LG about using a chicken as a camera stabilizer, but this year Sony's actually decided to use animals as a way to show off the image stabilization on the HDR-AS100VR Action Cam. During the recent Yorkshire leg of the Tour de France, these roaming sheep were used to capture what is unlikely any usable footage of the race itself -- but here we are talking about it anyway!

Here's Galluscam if you haven't seen it (this one is the joke):

And here's another look at the thing that's actually real, the sheep cams:

Sony Sheep Action Cam Tour de France

If there is footage out there somewhere, we'll try to find it, but even though the farmer who owns the sheep, Ian Hammand, could control the cameras remotely, getting them to actually shoot the race was likely another thing entirely. As for publicity stunts, this may or may not be the most ridiculous of all time as it concerns animals with cameras strapped to them, though they very easily could have topped that if they had decided to attach some action cams to eagles flying over the race, which should offer a really unique point of view.

Oh wait, somebody already beat them to it. Here's a GoPro strapped to an eagle:

It's pretty amazing that cameras are now small enough and have the image quality to pull off these sorts of stunts, but the question is, what other animals can we attach cameras to in order to get unique points of view? Will we see the mouse cam next, or has someone already tried that?

[via PetaPixel & TrendHunter]