While other companies have come along with pretty exciting offerings that are far cheaper, many of them still can't quite match the performance of the MōVI, as a lot of the smoothness comes from the software, not necessarily just the hardware. If you've been eyeing a MōVI, but have balked at the price, you're in luck, because during IBC they have cut their prices significantly.

Here's how the new pricing shakes out with barebones packages (with the M10 price basically cut in half from what it was):

  • MōVI M5: $4,000
  • MōVI M10: $8,000
  • MōVI M15: $12,000

And what they said on their website about the drop:

“Since the introduction of the MōVI, we have focused on satisfying the overwhelming demand for the MōVI,” says Tabb Firchau, President of Freefly Systems. “With the recent growth of our business and the manufacturing economies of scale that come with higher volume, we are now able to offer the technological innovations of the MōVI stabilizers at exciting new price levels. We hope this allows filmmakers of every scale to perform the creative camera moves that can only be accomplished with a MōVI.

The MōVI M5, for camera packages weighing up to 5lbs/2.27kg, is now priced at $3,995 and the MōVI M10, for loads up to 12lbs/5.5kg, has an MSRP of $7,995. The recently announced M15 (for 15lbs/7kg payloads), shipping now in limited quantities, is priced at $11,995. Freefly also recently delivered the new MōVI Controller and will soon enhance its line of aerial systems.

Some of these may still be well out of your price range, but they are all now much more affordable than they once were, especially the M10, which can hold a huge variety of cameras.

You can find all of their products over in their online store.

Source: Freefly Store