It's no secret that working on film and TV sets is grueling and brutal -- the long hours, the time spent on your feet, and sometimes, unfortunately, the dangerous situations you're expected to put yourself in. If someone feels as though those in charge of production are taking risks at the expense of the cast and crew's safety, there are ways to lodge a complaint, however, some may feel either afraid to step forward or like their words are falling on deaf ears.

The app, created by friends of Sarah Jones, gives users the ability to contact safety hotlines, access to CSATF Industry Wide Safety Bulletins, and upload evidence of and report excessive work hours all at a touch of a button, as well as anonymously if desired.



Here's a bit from the PTS press release that explains the app further:

The App allows crew members to call safety hotlines quickly and easily and to do so anonymously should they choose. In addition, crew-members have the ability to upload evidence of excessive hours which will be anonymously shared with union and guild leaders to aid them in their fight for saner working hours. A drive home at the end of a 17-hour day can be just as dangerous as any other hazard we face, and sadly it happens with increasing frequency. Another aspect of the App allows users to instantly access safety bulletins so that they may ascertain if a camera car, pyrotechnic, or fire gag (to name but a few) is being handled correctly. This will provide workers with the information they need to make sure that safety measures are being followed.

The Pledge to Sarah Set Safety App is free for both iOS and Android. To learn more about the app, click here. If you want to learn more about PTS and the Pledge, head on over to their website.

Source: Pledge to Sarah Set Safety App