Red Giant has created one of the simplest and seemingly fool-proof tools with Offload, which can not only back up footage in multiple places at once, but also provides checksum verification to ensure that the information copied matches what was on the card. While tools like ShotPut Pro have been pretty standard for a number of years, Offload at $50 for the full version is coming in at about half the price of ShotPut (though if you're doing this work professionally they are both very inexpensive for the piece of mind they give you). 

Here's a walkthrough of the process of dumping footage with Offload:

Offload works with Windows or Mac, and is also included as part of the Shooter Suite which includes a number of programs like PluralEyes and BulletProof for $400. Here's more pricing info:

  • New: $49
  • Crossgrade from BulletProof: $29 (BulletProof owners will get an email with a coupon code)
  • Shooter Suite 12.5 users: FREE  -  You can get the update HERE (in the latest Shooter Suite product installer)

While there is always something cheaper out there, it may not necessarily be easier. Stu Maschwitz, who works with Red Giant, mentioned two of my favorite things about the program:


Offload is easy. There's nothing to learn. It has one screen, no options, and no catalog file to manage. You already know how to use it.

Visible From Space

You're on a shoot with a hundred things on your mind. You return to your laptop and try to remember if the card sticking out of it has been copied and backed up, or just copied, or hasn't been copied yet. Just me?

Offload's interface is big, colorful, and communicative. Gold means something's happening. Blue means done and safe. Red means bad. You'll know your copy progress at a glance, even from across a busy set.

This is not a tool to do proxies and transfers and make you coffee all in one go — it's simply a fool-proof file transfer system that should make things easier for everyone. It's also a great tool for people who may just be starting out, as it ensures the whole file structure of the card stays intact.

Beyond the free trial, Red Giant offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so even if you hate it, or don't find it useful beyond what you already do, you can get your money back anytime in those 30 days. 

Learn more about the program and download/purchase over on the Offload page.

Source: Red Giant Offload