Today, Turing is recognized as a war hero and a pioneer in computer science and artificial intelligence. After his conviction in 1952, Turing accepted chemical castration in lieu of prison, and was dead by 1954 due to cyanide poisoning, reported as a suicide, but possibly accidental. The Imitation Game uses the final years of Turing's life as the frame story for his work leading a diverse team of researchers as he worked to crack German codes from the Enigma machine during the second World War. Thanks to The Weinstein Company, we now get a chance to see how screenwriter Graham Moore pieced together Turing's life for the screenplay of The Imitation Game.

First, here's the trailer for the film:

Taking just a few moments to read the opening pages of the script for The Imitation Game, you'll discover an excellent use of voiceover as well as a great introductory scene with Turing interacting with police in his home in 1951 after a break-in. Quickly, these opening pages not only set the tone of the film, but also establish Turing as a captivating, albeit curious character, pulling us into the story as the script flashes back to the heart of the story beginning in 1939. To hear more about Graham Moore's process of adapting Andrew Hodges' book Alan Turing: The Enigma, be sure to check out the Hollywood Reporter Writer Roundtable discussion featuring Moore.

Here's a link to the screenplay, thanks to The Weinstein Company:

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Source: The Weinstein Company Guilds 2014