There are some fairly obvious choices in this cut, like Hoyte Van Hoytema's gorgeous 70mm work on Interstellar and Emmanuel Lubezki's groundbreaking work on Birdman, for which he will almost certainly snag his second cinematography Oscar for in as many years. I mean seriously, how good is Chivo!?

Despite the obvious choices, however, there are a few films in this supercut that had absolutely wonderful cinematography that haven't received as much attention as they deserve. One of these films is the low-budget drama Locke, a film in which all 85-minute of screen time take place inside of a car. DP Haris Zambarloukos somehow managed to make this scenario beautiful and visually engaging with a number of creative camera angles and a masterful use of reflection. A few other underrated cinematography favorites from the year include the understated black and white photography of Ida and the stealthy, surreptitious camera work in Under the Skin.

Which films make your year-end list for best cinematography and why? Let us know down in the comments!

Source: Jacob T. Swinney