Rob Whitworth is among the most prominent timelapse artists working today. His previous hyperlapse work has featured urban explorations of Shanghai, Barcelona, and Pyongyang. His most recent project, however, is easily his most ambitious, technologically sophisticated, and jaw-dropping. Commissioned by Dubai Film, Dubai Flow Motion is a mesmerizing tour of one of the most unique cityscapes in the world.

In a post over at PetaPixel, Michael Zhang shared some awesome behind the scenes pictures of the gear used for this shoot, as well as a look at how Whitworth mounted cameras in some interesting places in order to capture the shots. He also shared some extended sequences from the film, which provide a look at the footage Whitworth was using with prior to working his magic in post and stitching it all together.

Although there's not much information out there regarding how Whitworth pulled off this incredible feat, other than the fact that it took upwards of four months to produce the completed piece, you can see some additional photos and read a few of Rob's comments over on F-Stoppers.

Source: Rob Whitworth