A grainy image full of artifacts and noise does not look pretty, which is why professionals use powerful denoising software to clean things up. However, these programs can run pretty steep, especially for independent filmmakers who are usually already strapped for cash as it is. But, if you've been waiting for a pro-quality tool that will do the job for you at a price you can afford, Cinnafilm is running a sale on their very popular, very powerful Windows-based noise reducing After Effects plugin, Dark Energy, reducing the $199 price down to $89 for the next 4 days (until March 14th) to celebrate Einstein's 100th birthday.

Here's a bit from the page description:

Dark Energy for After Effects has two powerful modules: Anti-Matter and Matter. Manage noise. Remove grain. Match footage. Or, just win the battle over Internet codecs. Less noise means fewer bits, which equals better video with less bandwidth.

Here are a few videos that'll get you acquainted with the plugin and everything it can do:

If you're interested in getting your hands on Dark Energy, all you have to do is email the code "SPOOKY" to info@cinnafilm.com and wait to receive more payment information. Again, the sale ends Saturday, March 14th, so head on over to Cinnafilm to learn more or to get yourself a free trial version of Dark Energy.

Source: Dark Energy for After Effects