More often than not, the primary purpose of timelapse filmmaking is to be aesthetically pleasing; in other words, to look pretty. Sure, it can be used as a narrative device to show the passage of time, but it's almost always used to be visually pleasing in and of itself. But what if timelapse could be used for something more? What if the medium itself could be used to deliver a salient environmental and political message at a point in time where that message was direly needed? 

That's what filmmakers Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic set out to accomplish with SKYGLOW, an experimental piece that places beautifully-shot astro timelapses in the urban environment of Los Angeles (via compositing of course) in order to make a point about light pollution. Check it out:

Gavin and Harun are currently Kickstarting an astrophotography book and video series in which the pair will share the beautiful images they've captured from the premiere night-sky locations in North America. Here's a brief description of what the pair hope to accomplish with the project:

Both a book of astrophotography and a series of timelapse videos, SKYGLOW will also examine the increasing impact of light pollution on our fragile environment, a grave threat not only to a clear view of beautiful starscapes, but also to the very ecosystem of our planet itself. Light pollution affects human health, animal migratory patterns, obstructs astronomical research, and leads to over two billion dollars of lost energy every year in the USA

If you're interested in helping out the cause of raising awareness of light pollution, the campaign is entering its final stretch and could really use some help