You can't get much better than free! In this tutorial from The Frugal Filmmaker, learn how to make your own mini-slider out of a Manfrotto quick release, a few screws, and a free Igus slider sample.

Now, 8 inches may not seem like much to work with in terms of camera movement, but if you're looking to get something subtle, 8 inches is plenty. Of course, this tiny slider isn't going to be enough for long tracking shots or dollies, but there are tons of applications you could use it for, despite its short length.



If you've already got a Manfrotto quick release (or any other that works with the system), then this setup is completely free! However, if not, you're looking at spending about $8 on the quick release -- and maybe a few bucks for screws, washers, and wingnuts. Either way, this is probably the cheapest slider you can make with this kind of quality material.

[Because of an overwhelming surge of requests for their free toolkit, Igus asked the The Frugal Filmmaker to take down the link to their site so they can deal with the high demand. However, if you head on over to Igus' website, you can find the page where they offer free samples of their products.]

Source: The Frugal Filmmaker