Dan Chung of Newsshooter is one of the first out of the gate with footage, and he took the camera out into the streets of London for a quick test. What he captured looks pretty damn good, especially for a quick test:

Here's what Chung has to say about how he shot and graded this brief string of shots:

I shot with the new Zeiss Batis 24 and 85mm lenses and a Touit 12mm f2.8. I shot to the internal SD card at 100 Mb/s in 4K. The picture profile was S-log 2 with S-Gamut and all noise reduction was turned off. The version you see above was given a five minute grade in FilmConvert to give an impression of what corrected footage can look like.

Chung also shared an ungraded version so that you can see how the images look straight out of the camera. He embedded information about the camera settings he was using, as well as which lenses were used on each shot:

More from Dan:

Here are a couple more tests, these are from Wayne:

I know it's not dark, but later on I may not get chance to film, so this is hopefully better than nothing. The video starts at ISO800, and runs through to 25600.

And here Wayne tests 4K and high ISO:

This video was shot in standard full frame mode at 25,600 ISO, with no cropping of the frame. The picture profile was set to PP7, which is S-LOG according to one of the commenters.

Another 4K test with high ISOs:

The folks at cinema5D also received an early copy of the a7R II, and their quick tests revealed that the cropped Super 35 mode on the camera produces some surprisingly strong results, especially in terms of internal noise reduction in low light settings. Check out this image from their test:

Sony a7r II s35 vs full frameCredit: Cinema5D

If you missed it, here is some of the footage Sony first shared when the a7R II was announced: 

All in all, I'd say the a7R II is off to a great start in terms of becoming the video king of the mirrorless kingdom. It almost certainly won't oust the a7S in terms of low-light capability due to the much more pixel-dense sensor, but in many other aspects, including the internal 4K, sensor stabilization, and a much lower base ISO, it's safe to say that the a7R II will be a major hit with filmmakers when it starts shipping on Wednesday.

via cinema5D & Newsshooter & Wayne's got G.A.S.