[UPDATE: Digital Bolex and SmallHD have determined that the issues stem from the 500 series of monitors using a new data standard in their HDMI signal that the D16 didn't recognize. A firmware patch for the D16 will be released on 8/31/15 in order for the camera to properly accept the signal from the 501 and 502 monitors.]

In a statement released yesterday by Elle at Digital Bolex, the company revealed that there have been multiple reports from users of their flagship D16 camera that the recently-released SmallHD 501 and 502 monitors are causing the internal SSD to dismount or freeze, which jeopardizes the camera's ability to record and playback footage.

Elle went on to add that Digital Bolex strongly recommends D16 users avoid the 500 series until the issue has been resolved because there is potential for damage to the camera:

Digital Bolex SmallHD 501 Issues

For the time being, we are currently recommending that users of the Digital Bolex do not use the new SmallHD 500 series EVFs with our camera until the newest D16 firmware patch is released. With the current D16 firmware configuration, the 500 series monitors may damage your camera after continuous use, and we will not be able to provide warranty repair for issues resulting from the use of a 500 series monitor at this time.

We continue to support SmallHD and its products, and recommend enthusiastically their DP4, DP7, and AC7 monitors as reliable accessories for the Digital Bolex. We hope to update this notification soon when the error has been identified and fixed.

If you're a Digital Bolex user hoping to use a SmallHD 501 or 502 — they are pretty much a match made in heaven, minus this whole ordeal — keep an eye out on the Digital Bolex blog for an update on when it's safe to pair the two.

Body image from instagram user big_ole_bleekramsey

Source: Digital Bolex