Then again, even if you don't pay attention to video games, the Madden franchise has been around for a few decades now. Last year, they had a funny promo spot with Kevin Hart and Dave Franco (yes Dave, not James) to promote the game, and this year for Madden 16, they've taken it to a whole other level. They pulled out all the stops for this fake movie trailer, turning the volume up to eleven, and joining Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse together with a team of real NFL players (and one coach who is not Mintz-Plasse's father).

In the style of movies like Kung Fury, Madden NFL 16: The Movie spoofs just about every action cliche you've ever seen:

The teaser for how this "movie" came about:

And here is the behind the scenes, where they detail a little bit of how they made it — shooting at an abandoned warehouse just outside of LA — and show off the RED EPIC DRAGON cameras they shot on:

Perhaps the greatest pull quote of any trailer of the last year (fake or otherwise) is the Geddesberg Times calling Dave Franco "probably the best actor ever." It wouldn't be surprising if Kung Fury (and other movies like it) had some inspiration for the over-the-top nature of the trailer, so here is that film if you haven't seen it:

And some BTS:

It's clear that spoofing some of the more ridiculous action cliches from the 80s and 90s is "in" right now, but it was a very interesting time for movies and for what passed as quality material. We can look back fondly on some of them, but there were plenty that just ripped off other successful franchises, and in the process, almost became their own parody. Things are going to get really interesting and even more meta when we're getting spoofs of spoofs, and perhaps at that point the universe may very well end as we know it.

Just for fun, if you missed it, here is last year's video:

For more, check out the Madden website here.

Source: Madden NFL 16