This is the fourth installment of an interview series by ShareGrid, an online camera rental company. The first three installments of the series featured Kyle Patrick Alvarez talking about the merits of film school in the digital age, as well as sharing his thoughts on adapting short literary pieces into feature films.

Today's episode is the main course, if you will, as it features Kyle's reflections on what it took to make The Stanford Prison Experiment into the indie film tour de force that it is. First up, check out the trailer:

And here's the interview with Kyle, in which he talks about how this project serendipitously came into being after years of development hell, why working with someone else's script can be freeing for a director, how he tackled the challenge of working with a massive ensemble cast, and why, even after establishing yourself as a capable filmmaker, sticking to production schedules is a losing battle that you have to learn to embrace:

If you're interested in learning more about this film, and the actual experiment itself, be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Tim Talbot, the film's screenwriter, and keep an eye out for an upcoming interview that we conducted with Dr. Zimbardo, the head researcher responsible for staging this experiment more than 40 years ago.

Have you guys had the chance to see The Stanford Prison Experiment yet?

Source: ShareGrid