History has shown us that when storytelling methods and aesthetics evolve in classical cinema, experimental filmmakers like David Lynch, Maya Deren, Luis Buñuel, and Chantal Ackerman have left their impression somewhere. So, where are we headed today? What are the most recent rumblings in the bizarre world of experimental film?

Well, this might give you an idea (or some ideas). As we approach the kick-off of the Toronto International Film Festival (Sept. 10th), video essayist Kevin B. Lee picks 7 of his favorite films from TIFF's Wavelengths program, which highlights outstanding experimental shorts and features by some of the most exciting new filmmakers working today.

If classic narrative films are prose, then experimental films are poetry. (Of course, all films are a little bit poetry, right?) These filmmakers take joy in pushing the medium, growing it, redefining it. This is why, in my humble opinion, it'd benefit all filmmakers to consume as many of these kinds of films as they possibly can. You can learn new filmmaking techniques, new ways of telling stories, or just sit back and get inspired by images that you've never seen before.

Source: Keyframe