The newest v2015.11 firmware adds a ton of fantastic new features, including support for ProRes 4444 and 4444XQ in 2K/HD resolutions, dual-stream HD monitoring (SDI A + SDI B or HDMI + SDI B) with one stream capable of recording, and 2K High Speed RAW to 2K ProRes for the FS7 and FS700 (100, 120, 200, & 240fps). Dual-Stream recording will come in a future firmware update, but for now, you can at least record one of the streams. 

Here are just some of the highlights from this firmware update:

  • HD Dual-Stream Monitoring (Odyssey7Q+ & Odyssey7Q) View two HD video signals while recording one in Apple ProRes Note that Dual-Stream Recording (view & record two streams simultaneously) will be in the Odyssey RAW Bundle as a future firmware update. The Apollo Option (Quad-Stream Monitoring/Recording/Switching) will be available in December 2015.
  • Apple ProRes 4444 and Apple ProRes 4444(XQ) Recording (Odyssey7Q+ & Odyssey7Q) Record 4:4:4 2K and HD video signals in 12-bit & 10-bit as Apple ProRes 4444 or 4444(XQ) Supports many cameras including Sony F3/F5/F23/F35/F55, Canon C300mkII/C500, Panasonic HPX3100 and more.
  • Spot Meter (All models) New Advanced Monitoring Tool exposure meter
  • FS7/FS700 2K HS RAW->2K Apple ProRes (Odyssey RAW Bundle) Capture up to 240fps in 2K
  • Additional & improved Preset LUTs New and improved LUTs for Canon C-Log, C-Log2 and Panasonic V-Log

For more details on the features in this firmware update, head on over to the Convergent Design page here.

Source: Convergent Design