The URSA Mini 4.6K is the first camera from Blackmagic that supposedly doesn't just contain an off the shelf machine vision sensor, and it's also a brand new body design that has a lot of people excited. Unfortunately, like most of Blackmagic's products, it's been delayed from its original release date (which was Summer 2015).

We have seen a number of clips, however, and some new ones have appeared recently. All of these clips have been shot in different ways, some are RAW, some are not, and some have used a bit of filtration, while others were just clean. Be sure to check out our previous post for some more details, and any relevant links are included below. I thought it would flow a lot better just being able to watch all of them right in a row so you can make some decisions about what you're seeing and whether you might want to order one. 

First up, is the very first clip we saw at NAB from Hook:

And here are some clips from Kholi, who has been working with Blackmagic for a long time. These are a mix of 4.6K and UHD:

Roman Alaivi was part of the newer batch of clips, with most of this shot in ProRes UHD, and you can read more about his process here at least for the last clip here: 

This was just recently posted by Oddio Works, completely shot in 4.6K RAW:

 Tom Majerski also showed off a few clips, mostly shot in 1080p:

There's no question this footage has a certain Blackmagic feel, and those who have shot with it have compared it similarly to the original 2.5K Cinema Camera. Blackmagic is also releasing this camera body with the Production Camera 4K sensor for a few thousand cheaper, but that sensor is limited in sensitivity and has experienced other issues like fixed pattern noise (some of which Blackmagic has worked to address).

In addition, the company is releasing this 4.6K sensor in the larger URSA body, and there was a point in time where they mentioned that users would be able to upgrade their old URSA bodies with the new 4.6K sensor carriage. We're still waiting for all of those details to finally shake up, but hopefully it happens soon as NAB 2016 is just about 3 months away — and I'm sure we're going to see them announce new products at the show, even though there's plenty from NAB 2015 that isn't really shipping yet, including the Micro Cinema Camera