Letus has introduced the Helix 1-Axis PRO, a crossover of their Standard Helix and Double Helix 1-Axis stabilizers, which is designed to give Steadicam operators a solid horizon no matter the orientation. 

With the new front support, there should be less vibrations throughout. Here's more from Letus on the Helix 1-Axis PRO:

The Helix 1-axis PRO is the ideal add-on to any Steadicam setting that help keeping perfect horizon while still provide the operator the ability to do his/her own panning. The combination of the Letus Helix 1-Axis with a Steadicam not only allow for quick transitioning of high-mode to low-mode without any reassembly but it increase the range of motion to any level between high and low mode. While the 3 axis gimbal setting create a new and different shooting style, the Helix 1 axis is truly the new improvement that will improve a steadicam operator experience and keeping all the benefit features of what a Steadicam can only offer.

Letus Helix 1-Axis PRO on Steadicam

Going from high to low without readjusting is one of the main benefits of these sorts of stabilizers on a Steadicam, besides keeping the horizon straight. Here's a look at the previous model on a Steadicam:

The Letus Helix 1-Axis PRO can handle up to 20 pounds and supports longer 19mm rails, so you can put much larger cameras than just a RED EPIC DRAGON on here. In addition, this can be attached to any shoulder rig or handheld rig if you want more of a handheld look but still want to keep your horizons straight:

Letus on the Helix 1-Axis PRO on Shoulder Rig

Letus Helix 1-Axis PRO with Top Handle

It seems to be hard sourcing actual footage from something shot with at least the old rig on a Steadicam, and there's nothing with the new rig yet. That may or may not speak to how useful this is in most real-world settings, but it's certainly worth looking into for a product that's aimed at keeping your horizons level while still giving you freedom of movement.

At $5,000, it's not for the faint of heart, and certainly aimed at a specific set of shooters. Here's what's included in the package:

  • 19mm rail-based standard Helix 1axis (aluminum)
  • Counter weight (1set)
  • Front support 

For more, check out the page here, or you can see all of the Letus Helix products here

Letus Helix 1-Axis PRO Bottom

Source: Letus Helix 1-Axis PRO