These lenses (which also come in EF, F, Sony E-Mount, and MFT), based somewhat on the original set of cine primes, were completely overhauled with new coatings, more precision, longer focus throw, and better build quality. The first lenses released were the 24mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5, and 85mm T1.5. Now they've added two more lenses, the 14mm T3.1 and the 35mm T1.5, giving you a much more complete set. While these new lenses are listed at around $2,500 each with a March release date, the current Xeen lenses are coming in at just $2,150. This seems to indicate that at some point in the future we may see this full 5-lens set at somewhere between $10,000 and $11,000 (special deals are going on at a place like Duclos with all 5 lenses for $10K). 

Here's a look at some of the features in all of the Xeen models:

  • 4K+ Ready Optics
  • Full Frame Coverage
  • Tightly Color Matched
  • Durable All Metal Body
  • Unified 40° Iris Rotation
  • Unified 200° Focus Throw
  • Large Easy To Read Markings
  • Three Year Limited Warranty
  • Lens Support Mount (Except PL)
  • 11 Bladed Diaphragm for Superb Bokeh
  • Xeen Proprietary X-Coating Technology
  • Unified 114mm Non-Rotating Front Diameters
  • Dual Calibrated Right and Left Side Distance and T-Stop Scales
  • Unified Focus and Aperture Gear Positions for Easy Follow Focus Use
  • Mounts can be shimmed and are interchangeable by a qualified technician
  • Incredibly smooth and fully damped movement of focusing and aperture controls 

And here's a look at the full specs of all of them together:

Samyang Rokinon Xeen Lens Specs

But that's not all, Samyang is teasing one more lens on their website:

Xeen 1 More Lens Coming Soon

We're not sure which lens this will be yet — if it will be another rehouse or if it's going to be a completely new model. The most logical option is that it's their 16mm lens, but unfortunately it can only cover Super 35mm. If they can reengineer it to cover full-frame it works in the set much better, but perhaps there will be a completely new focal length that covers full-frame natively, something around a 21mm (or wider) that might still be very fast. 

These certainly aren't "budget" lenses, but for the money you can't get brand new PL mount lenses for cheaper than this, which is quite a feat. We will likely see more examples before these are released in March. 

Source: Xeen