As cloud based post-production collaboration tools rise in popularity and affordability, Vimeo and Wipster have teamed up to get in on the action. This seems like Vimeo's answer to, utilizing the power of Vimeo's recognizable brand and huge user base to drive users to a new online workflow. The functionality, however, is different for Plus than it is for PRO Vimeo members:

"Vimeo PRO members can import videos from Vimeo directly to Wipster and gain access to review page features, like in-video commenting and approval status. Vimeo Basic and Plus members can also join Wipster to use its review tools, and easily publish finished videos back to Vimeo."

This basically means this announcement is geared more towards Vimeo PRO members, who receive the full functionality (you'll still need a Wipster Video PRO account — $12/month for Vimeo users— to take advantage of the integration).

Vimeo + Wipster at a glance:

  • Import or upload your videos to Wipster from Vimeo
  • Share videos with clients and collaborators / set permissions
  • Create to-do lists (no login required for reviewers)
  • Brand your review page and the emails to your team
  • Allow others to comment directly on different frames of your video
  • Upload and stack new versions of your video and refer to past edits
  • Publish videos back to Vimeo

Wipster + Vimeo

These two videos should pretty much explain everything else you need to know:

For users on a 4k review workflow, Wipster only supports 1080p playback. However, you can still upload 4k footage directly to Wipster (when you publish to Vimeo from Wipster it publishes the original file in full 4k). Utilizing this feature requires you to have both a Vimeo and a Wipster account ($12/month for Vimeo users). Users can try the new workflow with a 14 day free trial to Wipster.