Welcome to a special edition of Indie Film Weekly, recorded from the 23rd SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas. The No Film School team has four troops on the ground at working tirelessly to bring you coverage of the festival, from the most buzz-worthy premieres to the greatest new avenues of storytelling.

In this episode, we discuss the evolution of the Interactive portion of the festival, which began as three panels on CD-roms and has now almost dwarfed the Film and Music sections (to say nothing of the keynotes by the Obamas and the omnipresence of Silicon Valley this year). We also talk about what it means for SXSW to be a "discovery" festival for unknown films and filmmakers... and so much more. 

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​We will be posting coverage throughout the week, including a podcast with all six filmmakers from the highly-anticipated film series collective:unconscious, as well as another Indie Film Weekly from the festival. Stay tuned!

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Main photo credit: Erica Hampton.