Now that VR has hit the mainstream, it's difficult to imagine the world without it. Like, if we can't slap on our Oculus Rifts and go virtual bowling, how the hell else would we enjoy everybody's favorite leisure activity, right?

But get ready: it looks like the always innovative Google has ushered in the next generation of virtual reality with its game-changing VR headset. Dubbed Google Cardboard Plastic, the headset boasts some incredibly powerful features that manage to turn virtual reality into "actual reality." And, believe us—once you try these babies on, you'll never see the world in the same way ever again.

"This is technology that’s as powerful as you are. But not any more powerful than that."

Technical specifications

  • 4 dimensions!
  • 360-degree sound!
  • 20/20 resolution!
  • Seamless integration!
  • Works with all apps!
  • 4 modes: zoom, airplane, camera, portrait!
  • Comes in 6 colors!

Zoom-modeGoogle Cardboard Plastic's "zoom" mode is highly intuitive and requires just a few inputs from your legs to operate.

Airplane-modeGoogle hasn't commented on whether the "airplane" mode is some sort of flight simulator or is strictly designed for in-flight safety. Either way, we love it!

Camera-modeFinally, something for us filmmakers! "Camera" mode allows you to take photos and videos with your favorite camera!

Even though Google pretty much pranked themselves this April Fool's Day with the whole Gmail "mic drop" debacle, they've really redeemed themselves with Google Cardboard Plastic. 

Source: Google Cardboard Plastic