Our guests on this episode of the No Film School podcast have two of the coolest jobs in film. Dan Nuxoll is Programming Director of Rooftop Films, a screening series that showcases indie films in unique outdoor locations around New York, and Cristina Cacioppo is a New York programmer for Alamo Drafthouse, an incredible independent theatre chain started in Austin, Texas. We talk about what they look for in films to screen, how filmmakers can get our work out to appreciative audiences, and what it takes to create successful film events in Brooklyn—an area with an oversaturated but discriminating audience that has the potential to worldwide moviegoing trends.

"I like to be surprised when I watch movies so what I’m always looking for is the ability to share things that will surprise people."
-Cristina Cacioppo

Rooftop FilmsAudiences at a Rooftop Films screening

"When you really think something is special, don't worry too much if an audience will reject it, because they will probably be more open than you think." 
-Dan Nuxoll

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