The lens has an anamorphic squeeze ratio of 1.5X. While not being the traditional 2X squeeze used historically, 1.5X is enough squeeze to take a 16:9 frame towards the 2.39 of Cinemascope with a little extra room on the sides to crop. Cameras without a 4:3 mode would then be able to shoot anamorphic and maintain the traditional scope instead of merely cropping the frame to fit. Camera tests showed a strong flare along with other anamorphic distortions. The lens can cover RED's 6K sensor and was shown on a Sony mirrorless SLR, and P+S Technik also manufactures the EF and E-Mount adapters for their PL lenses. The lens itself costs 21500 (about $24,700), so it's primarily a rental option, but it's a good rental option if you're looking to shoot anamorphic with a 16:9 sensor with PL, EF, or E-Mount.

P+S Technik also showcased their lens rehousing service, where they will take an existing vintage lens and completely refurbish it in a cinema housing designed for matte boxes and follow focuses.

No Film School's complete coverage of NAB 2016 is brought to you by My RØDE Reel, Shutterstock, and Blackmagic Design.

No Film School's complete coverage of NAB 2016 is brought to you by My R\u00d8DE Reel, Shutterstock, and Blackmagic Design.

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