When the footage was slowed down, it created an impressive piece of action cam art that would make any extreme athlete jealous. However, indie pop duo Matt and Kim decided to take Vuignier's technique to the streets of Brooklyn to film their music video for their latest single "Let's Run Away". Using a GoPro, a wooden coat hanger, and fishing wire, they managed to capture some pretty spectacular footage.

Here's what they have to say about their experience:

A wooden coat hanger, some fishing wire, and a GoPro—that’s what we used to shoot this video. No we haven’t been watching a lot of MacGyver (I mean that dude could have made a CAR out of those 3 things), BUT we DID see the camera technique discovered earlier this year by Nicolas Vuignier while skiing, which he coined “Centriphone.” 

Yet, we figured out by using a coat hanger instead of a 3D printed "vessel" to hold your camera, you could get the wires to disappear and to use a GoPro instead of an iPhone for the camera would be safe if it accidentally goes flying off your roof and lands in your neighbor's backyard (which happened to us).

We had such a great time shooting this—Just the two of us with a camera on a coat hanger, running around Brooklyn like a couple of idiots. 

Now, shooting with this contraption looks so incredibly easy that I'm most definitely going to try it out right after I'm done writing this article. However, at normal speed, the footage is dizzying and almost unwatchable—but damn—when you slow that baby down, it becomes something quite lovely. It's certainly a great trick for cinematographers and solo shooters to have up their sleeves.

Source: Matt and Kim