The ICELAVA Warm-to-Cold fader from STC Optical Co. lets users adjust color temperature from 2900K to 6300K, or in other words, from really hot to really cold. It comes in 58mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm and using it is pretty much just like using a variable neutral density filter. Check out this video to learn more, as well as see some test footage:

Here are the key features listed on STC Optics' website:

  • Step-less volume fader control from the color temperature of 2900K to 6300K
  • Graduated scale is used as a reference while photographing
  • The average transmission rate is 25%, which is equal to ND4
  • Made by German Schott® B270 optical crown glass and Japanese polarizing film, the total glass thickness is 5mm
  • Double-sided Anti-reflection coating reduces lens flare effect
  • High-quality double-sided NANO Anti-smudge coating build excellent performance on waterproof and grease-proof
  • Antistatic coating makes the glass easy to keep clean
  • The quality of glass surface flatness is up to 20/40, which is suitable for high resolution cameras and 600mm or more focal length telescope lens
  • Black-rimmed glass and matte black anodized frame design eliminates flare
  • Teflon-coated knurled thread is easy to install or remove from your lens, and available for lens cap and hood



First things first: there are other ways of changing the color temperature of your footage, some of which may be easier, less expensive, and more practical for digital filmmakers. You can change it in post, adjust the WB or K settings on your camera, and more. However, the ICELAVA fader might be a good option for those who still shoot film, or those who would opt for the tactile experience of twisting a lens filter than fudging around with camera menus.

However, the ICELAVA can only be imported from Taiwan and costs $130—not a small investment for something like this.

Source: STC Opitcal