Epiphan has released the AV.io 4k, a 4K 30fps video ingest box over USB3, bringing 4K live video capture to a wider audience.

This tool gives us a cost-effective 4K scope option.

Most current video ingest options work with Thunderbolt, and while Thunderbolt is available on many Apple devices, it has never really taken off in the PC world. Even in the Apple universe, it isn’t available on the new Apple Macbook, which is USB-C only, limiting your options for video ingest to 1080p over USB3.  

Epiphan 4k USB3 PortEpiphan AV.io 4k USB3 using the Type-B SuperSpeed connector.Credit: Courtesy of Epiphan

While the big use-case for live video ingest is the ability to live stream high-quality video, it’s also great news for filmmakers who aren’t using Periscope heavily. Nothing helps create consistent exposures quite like live video scopes on set; scopes are an essential part of any color grading or final finishing workflow. This tool gives us a cost-effective 4K scope option.

ScopeboxScopebox, mac-based leader in software scopes.

Combined with Scopebox and any USB3 capable computer, it’s now possible to take the full 4K HDMI feed from your camera and get low-cost scopes and focus assist tools. While it won’t help in a run and gun situation, any studio shoot will be tremendously enhanced by being able to preview your full image live.

With vintage Apple towers available for under $1,000 (which will require a USB3 upgrade card, since they were natively USB2), a new Macbook, or even a Hackintosh, a truly cost-effect solution for on-set and post scopes at full 4K resolution is possible.