Seriously, you've never seen anything quite like this—unless you caught a glimpse of the Blackbird car rig last week. But this thing is nothing like The Mill's Blackbird. This is the Blackburrow Millbird, a fully adjustable drone rig that utilizes cameras and stuff to capture real footage, and then uses lasers and stuff to produce realistic CG renderings of aerial vehicles, like Boeing 747s, 737s, 767s, fighter jets, seaplanes, helicopters, TIE fighters, and probably Boeing 757s.

Though unconfirmed, one source (my wife) tells me that this thing is really, really cool. However to be fair, she didn't really look at it when I showed it to her. But I could definitely see this thing really taking off. The sky is the limit for the Millbird. It seems as though the next generation of aerial advertisement has landed and will continue to take aerial stand-in rigs to new heights. (Sorry to keep droning on with all of these puns.)

It remains to be seen what the future of aviation holds, but it's hard to imagine manufacturers staying in business when the Millbird all but replaces the need for actual real life aircrafts, except for actual travel/shipping purposes.

Millbird_2The Millbird in its majestic flight.

Millbird_3The Millbird, again, soaring majestically, this time from a slightly more majestic angle.

Millbird_4Just one of billions of possibilities. Thanks, Millbird!

If you haven't realized it yet, this video, directed by Sean Joseph and shot by Christopher Commons from Blackburrow Creative, was a spoof on The Mill's Blackbird car rig, which we talked about several days ago. Hopefully you had a good chuckle!

Source: Blackburrow Creative