One of the first things you'll notice while working on a film set is that everyone there speaks a language that you may not be familiar with. They use slang for just about everything, from tripods to bathroom breaks, and learning what these terms are is vital to communicating on set. Cinematographer Morgan Cooper shares a handful of popular slang terms in the video below to get you started: 

Here are the terms Cooper uses in the video:

  • "C-47": clothespin
  • "Sticks": tripod
  • "Apple": apple box
  • "Furnie": furniture blanket
  • "10-1" and "10-2": bathroom break

If those five have whetted your appetite to learn more, Evan Luzi shares a bunch of others over at The Black and Blue. And if that's not enough, go work on a film set, because just like with other languages, immersion is probably the fastest way to learn how to speak film slang.

Source: Cooper Films