July 21, 2016

Has China Created The Darth Vader of Theater Chains? [PODCAST]

This episode of Indie Film Weekly imagines the impact of AMC’s Odeon purchase, which creates the world’s largest cinema chain and might completely screw theatrical for indies.

Co-hosts Jon Fusco, Emily Buder, and yours truly, Liz Nord, also discuss the 2016 Emmy nominees, how Hollywood’s notorious casting scams affect indie actors, and Blackmagic’s forward-thinking new Arduino shield for DIY remote lens control. The episode includes exclusive clips from interviews with filmmakers Roar Uthaug, whose film The Wave is out on Netflix this week, and Brady Corbet, whose film The Childhood of a Leader is hitting VOD & limited theatrical. As always, the show also brings news you can use about gear, upcoming grant and festival deadlines, this week’s indie film releases, our Ask No Film School segment, and other notable things you might have missed while you were busy making films.

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This episode of Indie Film Weekly was produced and edited by Jon Fusco. Featured image by Ron Ellis / Shutterstock.com.

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The movie theater has already become a place to watch big budget nonsense, for better or worse. Explosions, familiar actors, repetitive plots, simple writing and expensive special effects are what theaters can sell to the worldwide audience. In Hollywood this means making movies for the dumbest person in the room. Sophisticated, controversial or creative material is left to the Netflix/HBOs of the world. Is it a coincidence that US Box Office has stumbled while Netflix/HBO continue to expand their audience?

April 13, 2017 at 9:55AM, Edited April 13, 9:55AM