It's clear that Alfred Hitchcock has a few very obvious and often disturbing obsessions. From his fascination with blondes to killing characters off, ol' Hitch has repeatedly used certain themes and motifs throughout his career in hopes of luring audiences into his dangerously seductive world.

Created by Adam Frost & Zhenia Vasiliev, the infographic below reveals the extensive research of eight of Hitchcock's "trademark obsessions":

  • A Dying Fall: A look at the furthest distances Hitchcock's characters plunge to their deaths
  • The Longest Journey: A map of the most famous journeys Hitchcock characters are sent on
  • Blonde/Non-Blonde: Hitchcock loves (killing) blondes—here are the stats
  • One Bad Mother: Explore the words and phrases used in scholarly publications to describe the mothers in Hitchcock's films
  • 50 Ways to Kill a Character: These are the stats on the many violent ways Hitchcock characters kick the bucket
  • The Leading Man: Some figures on Hitchcock's favorite leading men, Cary Grant and James Stewart
  • The Ultimate Hitchcock: A full list of the themes and motifs Hitchcock used in his films
  • The Greatest Hitchcock?: What is the greatest Hitchcock film according to critics, fans, and your mom?

Hitchcock_infographicCredit: Adam Frost & Zhenia Vasiliev

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Source: Adam Frost & Zhenia Vasiliev