Everybody and their grandma has been buzzing about how totally amazing Stranger Things is, but regardless of whether you're a fan or not, you can't argue that the show displays some impressively creative editing transitions. In fact, this is something that caught the eye of video essayist Rishi Kaneria and inspired him to put together a video showcasing 34 of these great cuts. Check it out below:

There are a lot of interesting editing techniques used in Stranger Things, but let's talk about two that aren't in the same camp as basic dissolves, fades, and wipes—ones that could help you make your work really stand out.

Contrast cut

Working off of the power of juxtaposition, contrast cuts transition from one extreme to another, hitting the viewer emotionally and physiologically in an unexpected way. And the more popular these types of transitions become, the more edgy they become. Stranger Things utilizes this type of cut during Eleven's flashbacks, but a good example that comes to mind from a different piece is the scene in Gladiator where we see Maximus' had gliding over wheat in a wheat field, it's tranquil and warm, and then it cuts to him and his army preparing for battle.

Graphic Match

This transition is simple and straightforward, but can be both stylish and effective. A graphic match occurs when two shots are cut together that contain similar shapes in similar positions within the frame. Stranger Things has used this transition many times in the show, like when Eleven is walking through the store and has a flashback of being brought into the lab, but we've seen graphic matches in a myriad of different places, but perhaps the most famous one comes from 2001: A Space Odyssey when the bone is thrown in the air and we cut to a space craft.

Film and TV are both full of great editing transitions. What are some techniques you find unique? What's your favorite shot transition? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Rishi Kaneria