When the official specs for the iPhone 7 Plus were announced, people couldn't stop talking about its peculiar, but pretty exciting, dual camera design, with one dedicated to wide angle and one to telephoto. Now that the smartphone has been out for a while, third party add-ons are to be expected, and Kamerar and Ztylus have teamed up to give the iPhone 7 Plus its first dual camera system upgrade. Meet the $45 Kamerar ZOOM lens kit:

The Kamerar ZOOM lens kit comes with two sets of lenses, Fisheye/Telephoto and the Macro Zoom, the latter of which seems to be the main draw for the system since it adds to the iPhone 7 Plus' magnification by 10X. The kit utilizes a phone case to mount the lenses to your phone, which looks to be much less of an imposition to your very expensive digital device than previous iPhone 6 systems. Moment lenses, for example, require users to place a metal mounting plate coated with adhesive to their bare naked phone, meaning that 1.) the glue can damage your phone, 2.) you can't use a phone case with it on, and 3.) you can't remove the plate without ruining the adhesive and thus rendering it useless.




Lens_2_0Macro Zoom

Lens_3_0Macro Zoom


If you're a smartphone filmmaker, or just someone who wants to give your phone's camera a little more muscle, the Kamerar ZOOM is definitely worth looking into, especially with its $45 price tag.

It is the first iPhone 7 Plus camera add-on, so maybe you'd prefer to wait until there are more options. Personally, I'm wondering if Moment, one of the leading smartphone lens designers, is going to design their own dual camera lenses, instead of just adapting their mounting plates for the new iPhone.

To learn more, head on over to Kamerar.

Source: Kamerar