There were a lot of interesting gadgets showcased at CES 2017, but this one is pretty incredible. San Diego-based gaming company Razer unveiled Project Valerie, the world's first triple display laptop. Though designed with gamers in mind, Project Valerie has a lot to offer filmmakers, specifically editors, whose job requires a fast and efficient workflow, as well as screen accuracy, all while giving them the added freedom of being mobile. 

Check out Project Valerie's promotional video below:

Clearly the main selling point of Project Valerie is its three 17.3" 4K displays (that makes 12K total) which have an automated aluminum deployment system. However, the laptop has a lot of other desirable features, like an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU, native NVIDIA Surround View support, and 11520 x 2160 resolution.

At 1.5" thick and 12 pounds, this thing is quite a beast, but considering the fact that it's the first of its kind, and you know, packing two additional 17.3" displays inside of it, you're going to have to expect a little extra poundage. The chassis is made of aluminum, houses a short-throw mechanical keyboard, and according to Engadget, contains the same "computing prowess of the 17-inch Blade Pro," which is one of the most powerful and highest rated gaming laptops on the market right now. This means that Project Valerie will most likely be able to handle whichever post-production, VR, 3D, or animation software you throw at it, as well as give you a 4K (really 12K) panoramic view of your workspace on a portable laptop.





Since Project Valerie is still just a prototype, Razer isn't really sharing much information about it right now, including a full list of specs, price, or release date, but if you consider Razer's reputation for designing powerhouse gaming computers, you can imagine that Project Valerie will be just like her brothers and sisters.

Head on over to Razer to learn more.

Source: Razer