It's difficult not to get excited when a really good musical comes to town. Such is the case for Damien Chazelle's Oscar frontrunner La La Land, whose historic number of Academy Award nominations (14) and lovely song and dance duo Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone has everybody and their mom, dad, and grandma talking about it.

But now there's a little something for filmmakers and film nerds to talk about. Chazelle has released a series of exclusive videos to Indiewire, Deadline, and The Hollywood Reporter that take you behind the scenes of the jazzy musical to reveal how some of the most memorable scenes were shot, including the gorgeous waltz and "jazz whip" sequences.

Here's the exclusive video given to Indiewire, which shows you one of the more complicated shots in La La Land.

Chazelle gave Deadline a behind-the-scenes look at how the team pulled off two different shots: the waltz and "jazz whip" sequences.

The Hollywood Reporter also received an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, this one revealing how they shot the "Someone in the Crowd" sequence.

La La Land may be an exciting film for those who love song and dance flicks, but for filmmakers, film historians, and cinephiles, not only is this film a testament to brilliant choreography, cinematography, and editing, but watching it is like walking down the memory lane of classic musicals, too. 

For more, here's a behind-the-scenes featurette Lionsgate released in November.