Who doesn't love tutorials on how to do sweet effects in Premiere Pro? It's fun to search for a cool effect and follow along until, boom, you've learned how to pull off something you can use later in your work. However, the problem with a lot of these tutorials is that they require plugins, add-ons, and other extras that you probably don't have and will have to pay a bunch of money to get. But this tutorial from Justin Odisho not only shows you how to make a glitchy VHS rewind effect from scratch, but you won't need anything extra to do to it. Check it out below:

This rewind effect has a ton of applications, some of which you might be thinking of right now. Want to do a flashback over a voiceover? Rewind. Did your character find something interesting in a home movie? Rewind. Want to use the effect for the hell of it? Rewind! This is one of those effects that is pretty versatile and allows you to use your creativity to come up with new ways to put it to good use.

Now, I don't know about you, but Justin Odisho's tutorials are quickly becoming my absolute favorite ones on the internet. He tackles the stuff new filmmakers, editors, and VFX artists really want to learn—the stuff you see in movies, commercials, and music videos that make you go, "Whoa, how the hell did they do that!?"

He's got stylish stuff like animated number counters, reactive audio spectrums, and ink drop transitions. He's got useful stuff like masking text behind objects, faking handheld camera movement, and editing to a beat. Seriously, go check his stuff out and learn you some stuff, and stuff.

Source: Justin Odisho