Tutorial: Creating Animated Mattes in Adobe Premiere Pro

Animated mattes
This detailed video will show you how to effectively use track mattes in Premiere.

What are animated mattes, sometimes referred to as “track mattes”? Essentially, they are invisible layers that cover up parts of your video to create shapes that can be used to convey a bunch of different looks and add visual interest to existing videos.

And they are pretty straightforward to use. Thanks to VFX Artist Sean Mullen’s handy video tutorial for Premiere Pro CC 2017, you can pick up the skill.

Mullen is also the CEO of Rampant Design, which also makes downloadable mattes for you to use in your projects. Packages of over 400 mattes for all editing apps start at $99 for 2K editing and you can download them here.

Check out some of Rampant’s mattes in use on the title sequence of the latest season of Project Runway:

Project Runway
Project Runway

Project Runway

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