With the new Ninja Inferno from Atomos, you can take advantage of the maximum benefits from the GH5 without wasting a penny on features you don't need.

The key with the Ninja Inferno is stripping a device down to its key features while not missing out on a single necessary ingredient. By removing the SDI input, Atomos was able to get the price down under the magic $1000 barrier, while still offering everything longtime users love about these recorder monitors. The dual Sony NP battery mounts allow for long record times and nearly continuous shooting. HDMI inputs and outputs keep your image chain complete. The real time look application works with all the latest cameras, so even if you want to shoot your Fujfilm XT2 in F-log, you have the option to preview for your director converted to Rec. 709.

Ninja_inferno_reseller_insitu_2Credit: Atomos

Slow motion has always been complicated for cinematic storytellers. Whether it was having to rent special cameras and burn a ton of film in the old days, or complicated workarounds involving shooting unintended formats and frame rates with more recent indie options, slow motion is an essential element that required compromise or financial expense in the past. With the Ninja Inferno that is no more. Combined with the low-cost, high-value GH5 camera, you get full resolution 4K UHD, HDR, 60 progressive frames per second slow motion directly in ProRes with no post processing required. Drop it in your timeline and you are ready to edit, with no delay.

Ninja_inferno_reseller_hdr_sliderCredit: Atomos

Atomos has custom-engineered every part of the system to make it the ultimate tool for the indie filmmaker on the go. The backlight is designed to deliver 1500 high brightness performance when necessary in bright daylight environments for capturing HDR, while still preserving 10-bit detail in highlights and shadows and providing an accurate preview of your image. Atomos has built their own custom AtomHDR Engine that perfectly maps the latitude of major cameras into the HDR space, with a unique HDR preview slider built into the intuitive UI. Best of all, HDR comes built in and was a no-cost firmware upgrade from Atomos to their previous monitors, demonstrating the company's commitment to its customers now and into the future. With HDR, 4K DCI 4096 compliance and excellent build quality, this is a device that you can use today and with future cameras as they continue to evolve.

Check it out the Ninja Inferno at Atomos.com.