Zaxcom Reinvents the Wireless Boom Game

Zaxcom has introduced new wireless transmitters for production sound mixers.

Sound enthusiasts, rejoice! Zaxcom has re-imagined wireless booming for the “weight-conscious” operator.

We’re all aware when employing a wireless boom, we usually place the transmitter at the bottom of the boom pole. Zaxcom’s ZMT3-Phantom looks to change the transmitter placement by moving it to the top, directly behind the microphone. There are advantages to placing the transmitter near the top: you can remove the wired cable inside the boom pole to reduce any noise that may leak into the track, and a graphic OLED on the ZMT3-Phantom shows visible external audio and battery status levels so the operator can easily see them while booming a shot.

Zaxcom ZMT3-Phantom
Zaxcom ZMT3-Phantom

The Zaxcom ZMT3-Phantom is tiny, weighing only 2.2oz (62g), and has a slew of professional features if you’re looking to step up your game.

Audio is transmitted using 100% digital modulation, resulting in audio quality far superior to any analog system. Besides its wireless transmission, it features internal recording to a microSD card that can be used as a backup or when there is radio frequency (RF) or distance issues.

Its wireless transmitter provides 114 dB of dynamic range with no limiting or compression distortion. It also has selectable Phantom power in 12, 24, 32, and 48V where the rechargeable internal battery can last up for up to five hours of run time in 48V, depending on the mic used. You can monitor the audio through a Zaxcom ERX3TCD and the microphone connection is a three-pin micro LEMO.

Tech Specs

  • 2.2oz (62g)
  • 114 db dynamic range
  • Selectable Phantom power
  • 5 hour run time

Zaxcom ZMT3-HM
Zaxcom ZMT3-HM
Also from Zaxcom is a new plug-in transmitter if you find yourself doing ENG work. The ZMT-3HM comes in two frequency ranges, covering 512 – 614 MHz (blocks 20-23) or 596 – 698 MHz (blocks 23-26). It also has a selectable Phantom power of 12, 24, 32, and 48V and a rechargeable internal battery that lasts for up to five hours of continuous run time.

Similar to the ZMT3-Phantom, it’s tiny (3.1oz), touts internal recording to a micro-SD card, and transmits audio using 100% digital modulation. As it is part of the Zaxcom product line, you’re getting a slew of pro features, including a timecode generator and reader, ZaxNet, which is remote controlled through a 2.4GHz signal, and Zaxcom’s High-Density modulation (ZHD), which allows up to 10 channels of wireless to be operated in one MHz of spectrum space.

The integrated antenna is completely invisible and a three-pin XLR connector makes the Zaxcom ideal for any microphone.

Tech Specs

  • Weighs 3.1oz (88g)
  • Wide-band transmission
  • Selectable Phantom power
  • 5 hour run time 

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"the microphone connection is a three-pin micro LEMO."

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