One of the major hurdles every filmmaker has to overcome is productivity. We live in a world full of things that distract us, overwhelm us, and generally make us feel not so great, but there are definitely ways to combat them in order to get your creative groove back. In this video, filmmaker Kris Truini of Kriscoart shares ten tips on how to be more productive, and while they apply to pretty much anybody in any professional (or non-professional) environment, they certainly ring true for filmmakers as well. Check it out below:

Even though these tips are pretty generalized and have been shared in one form or another a multitude of times by many a multitude of different people, it doesn't make them any less true. In fact, Truini's video is a great reminder to slow down, refocus, and practice a little self-care. The film industry is notoriously brutal on the creatives who work in it, so it's imperative that we know that productivity isn't just about working more, but about working smarter and healthier as well.

Here are the tips Truini mentions in the video:

  1. Do more by doing less
  2. Take breaks
  3. Focus on yourself in the morning
  4. Take care of your mind
  5. Take care of your body
  6. Give yourself rules and routines
  7. Prioritize your daily tasks
  8. Stop multitasking
  9. Avoid postponing things
  10. Work in a creative/conducive environment

What are some things you think filmmakers should do to be more productive? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Kriscoart