When we reviewed the Fujinon MK lenses back in February, one of our favorite features was the light weight. Traditionally, lenses this light don't really need lens supports, since they aren't going to be putting a tremendous stress on your lens mount. However, there is one huge application for the MK where a lens mount could be a help, and that's action and gimbal work.

Traditionally, most gimbal and stabilizer cinematography has focused on primes, to keep weight as low as possible. With a zoom like the MK, you get prime level image quality, light weight, and the ability to reframe your shot without swapping out a lens, which can require rebalancing your gimbal. That takes time you don't necessarily want to spend. Action work can be hard on a lens mount, as the camera swings wildly through the air and comes dramatically to a stop, and adding a lens support that attaches the lens to your rods is a great way to take stress of the lens mount. That's where the new Scissor Support from Zacuto comes in.

Zacuto_scissor_support_0Credit: Zacuto

Rather than having to slide it down your rails, which might require unmounting matte boxes or motors, the Zacuto design folds down onto your 15mm rods, making it easier when you do want to swing a lens (perhaps between the wide and long MK zooms), or for situations where the whole lens and body might be swapped into different mounts. The folding design also lets you keep the Scissor Support mounted to your lens when not in use, making it less likely to get lost and always there when you need it.

Zacuto_lives_on_lensCredit: Zacuto

Available for pre-order now from B&H for $190.

Tech Specs:

  • Mounts to MK lens with M3.5 screw
  • Compatible with 15mm rods, height adjustable
  • Folding design lets you store on the body