Get Up to $16K for Your Audio or Podcast Idea from Sundance Institute and BBC

Submit an audio story idea by July 31 for a chance to get funded and reach an audience of 75 million.

Have you been thinking about jumping on the whole podcast craze? BBC World Service and Sundance Institute want to help you get a leg up. The two renowned independent media organizations are collaborating on a 2018 audio series focused on the theme of neighbors and are seeking "essential and thought-provoking submissions for audio documentary stories and treatments that explore the world as we experience it today."

Documentary storytellers are invited to submit basic proposals for English-language audio episodes of 30 or 60 minutes, with accompanying 2-4 minute visual stories, such as short films or animations.

Produced stories will have the chance to reach BBC's global audience of 75,000 weekly listeners.

The initial proposal form makes the process very easy; it asks only for one-paragraph descriptions of your story ideas and professional experience, as well as a short review of any existing BBC radio documentary. Should your idea be selected for production, the rewards are bountiful, with budgets of up to £8,000 (approx. $10,200) for 30-minute programs and up to £13,000 (approx. $16,550) for 60-minute programs. 

Shortlisted project producers will be notified in August and will have another month to submit complete proposals and budgets. Ultimately, produced stories will have the chance to reach BBC's global audience of 75,000 weekly listeners.

According to the contest site, you need not have created an audio doc before, but must have a track record "in the creation of factual audio, film, television, print, or online journalism." 

Submit your idea here until July 31.     

If you are interested in podcasting, you may also want to check out our series So You Wanna Podcast? to learn the production fundamentals.

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