No one likes having to traipse around official government websites to try and dig up (and understand) documents that tell you whether or not it's legal for you to fly a drone in a given area. No one likes it, but it has to be done because it's obviously important to respect the laws of the land. However, if you're tired of trying to dig up information on drone regulations in different parts of the world, you'll want to check out this super helpful tool.

Blogger and avid traveler Anil Polat has created an interactive map of the world that contains the drone laws in every country in the world. Take a look at this impressive piece of work below:

Noticing a problem with drone pilots relying on hearsay and misinformation, Polat decided to embark on this massive endeavor to provide a resource that is interactive, easy to navigate, and up-to-date on current drone laws. Using Google Maps, he created a map based on information he had sourced from each country's governing body, ensuring that the information he was providing drone pilots was accurate. He even took it a step further and included links to registration forms and contact information to make the map a one-stop-shop for drone law adherence. 

To make things even simpler, Polat has color-coded the pings on the map so you can get an idea of where in the world drone use is permitted, limited, or restricted.

  • Green: Drone use is generally allowed.
  • Yellow: Drone use is limited or may require cumbersome registration processes.
  • Red: Drone import or use is prohibited or otherwise heavily restricted.
  • Grey: No data or there are no defined or applicable UAV laws.

The map is updated regularly to help provide current information on drone laws around the globe, but Polat encourages users to notify him about any changes or inaccuracies on the map to ensure its accuracy.

Source: Drone Laws For Every Country In The World