We all know keyboard shortcuts can make editing a movie or video a lot quicker, but unless you've gone through the process of actually customizing your QuicKeys, you might need a few practical ideas on how to use them to speed up your workflow. In this video from Mango Street, you'll not only learn how to modify your keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro, but also how to use those shortcuts to become a more efficient editor.

Now, every editor has a unique workflow that is tailor-made for the types of projects they usually work on, each conforming to their particular tastes and needs. However, most if not all editors utilize keyboard shortcuts to make their process faster.

The video provides some great suggestions on how you can customize your shortcuts based on common commands you'll typically use while editing films and videos, like mark in/out, zoom in/out, and the select, razor, pen, and type tools. 

However, keep in mind that a complete overhaul of your keyboard shortcuts may not be the wisest thing to do. I've made the mistake of over-complicating my macros and doing too much too soon, resulting in 1.) me forgetting which commands I assigned to which key, and 2.) having an inefficient and confusing keyboard layout. The preset options in Premiere Pro will likely work just fine for most editors, so they're a great place to start. Then, as you get more comfortable with your workflow, you can make adjustments to your shortcuts where you find weaknesses.

Source: Mango Street