A 2-Minute Lesson on How to Properly Clean Your Camera Lenses

Learn how to give your camera lenses the TLC they need.

Along with knowing how to properly use a camera lens, knowing how to clean and care for one should be somewhere near the top of every filmmaker's list of skills. And we can all thank our lucky stars that this isn't a difficult thing to get right, so take a couple of minutes to watch this video by David Bergman of Adorama TV in which he shows you several ways to safely and effectively clean up fingerprints, dust, and other nasty stuff that is bound to accumulate on your glass.

Okay, this is pretty simple stuff. First, you'll want to use a blower to clear any small particles that may be on your lens. Make sure to hold your lens face down so any debris falls away from the glass. Next, use some lens cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth to clean up any fingerprints and smudges. Spray the solution onto the cloth, not the lens, and then begin wiping from the middle outward in a circular motion.

Of course, complete lens care is a bit more extensive than that. You may want to get your hands on some lens brushes to clear the lens body of any dust, sand, or dirt. (But don't you dare use them on your glass elements!) Canned air can also be used to do this, but just make sure the propellant isn't getting all over the place.

If you're not confident in your ability to clean your lens yourself, take that baby to a pro and they'll clean it up nice for ya.     

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I'm not a fan of using microfiber cloth on lenses, unless you toss it after the first use. If you use them more than one time, dirt removed from each prior cleaning is transferred back onto the lenses again which could cause abrasion. Instead, use lint free disposable Kimwipes. I've tried many fluid cleaners and the best lens cleaning solution by far is Pancro Lens cleaner. Kimwipes and Pancro is an unbeatable combination.

December 11, 2017 at 9:26PM

Benton Collins
Camera aimer

Agree about the microfibre cloths. I use disposable Zeiss lens wipes - after blowing away any loose debris. I always use a high-quality UV or clear filter - added as the lens comes out of the box from new - which means the front element is never exposed. At video resolution I detect no loss of quality using a filter.

December 12, 2017 at 3:04AM

Andy Taplin
Director / Lighting Cameraman